Smartwatch with GPS

Do you want to be accessible to your child everywhere? And always be able to reach your child or at least see where he or she is? Then the smartwatch for kids by Rebel Cactus is the solution. Just pop a SIM card in and start calling or calling. With the free Rebel Cactus Tracker App/Parent App on your smartphone, you can also see where your child is via GPS.

GPS kindersmartwatch Kinderuhr mit GPS

GPS, Geofence & SOS

With the Rebel Cactus Tracker App on your smartphone, suitable for both IOS and Android smartphones, you can always see where your child is playing on the map in the ParentApp.

Enter defined zones within which your child is allowed to play and you will receive text message alerts when they enter and or exit these zones. This is called Geofencing. In the ParentApp in the map, you set up these zones. You create circles within which your child can play safely. These circles are at least 200 meters.
You can also see in the past where your child has played before.

Should the need arise, there is an SOS button on the smartwatch that allows you to raise the alarm and the GPS children's smartwatch will immediately start calling preset phone numbers.

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Kinderhorloge GPS Kinderuhr GPS

Main settings on the GPS smartwatch :

The Rebel Cactus Tracker App/Parent App allows you to manage settings on your child's GPS smartwatch, such as:

Apps on the smartwatch with GPS model GO

Rebel Cactus kids' smartwatch is primarily made for children to give them freedom outside to discover the "world" through play. You let your child play outside with friends with peace of mind. In addition, of course, the smartwatch had to look good. It has to be more than just a smartwatch with GPS and a children's watch with bell function.
With various cool apps, a world will open up for children through play. And that for any age, the kids smartwatch grows with them. How the parents and children want it.

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Turn on or off apps and features such as Music (Spotify), Whatsapp (Rebel Cactus GO), Pedometer, SmartGames (math, motor skills), Social apps (Instagram) depending on age and interests. Or you discuss with your child what he or she is ready for and what not. Turning apps on and off is easy in the free ParentApp. Whether your child is 5 or 9, for each age you set the smartwatch with GPS so that it fits the age and interests of your child. Have fun! You do this throughout the elementary school period.
Does a particular app need an update? Then go to the AppStore in the ParentApp and you can update the app. As you can see, with the Rebel Cactus Tracker App, parents have full control of the smartwatch with GPS.

Furthermore, kids can style the watch to match with their outfit. With the cheerful charms such as a spiderman or rainbowcharm, which you click on the watch strap, children can decorate the watch.

To further protect the smartwatch with GPS for kids from greasy fingers and scratches, stick a screen protector on it.

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Bluetooth & Wifi

On the GPS GO smartwatch you will also find Wifi and Bluetooth. With Wifi connection you simply stream favorite artists via Spotify or watch short educational videos. Bluetooth connects the smartwatch to a headset or speaker. The Pogs wireless headphones line in our shop are specially designed for children's ears, with a reduced volume of up to 85 decibels and high sound quality.

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Out during school

Handy: set school hours so that the smartwatch is off when your child is in class and on again when school is out. Then no one is distracted and the teacher is happy too.

Everywhere and on vacation

The children's smartwatch works worldwide, and is therefore also fine and handy for vacation, camping, at the amusement park, on the beach or on winter sports. Just call or call each other and know how they are doing, or use GPS to see where they are. So you are always in contact with each other.

Sim cards

GPS watch child is simlock free and you can get prepaid or a sim card with a subscription. We recommend sim cards from Lebara, these work best in our smartwatch with GPS for kids. Do not use a Simyo sim card, they unfortunately do not support smartwatches. Without a sim card in our kids watch the GPS tracker will not work.

Safety first

At Rebel Cactus, security comes first. Thus, the Parent App has several additional security measures and all servers are located in NL and DE. Of course these comply with the AVG/GDPR regulations.

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