Smartwatch for kids

Let your child play safely outside, on the bike to school, soccer or field hockey, at the amusement park or at the campsite during vacation? With a smartwatch for your child, you as a parent are always accessible.

smartwatch for children

The smartwatch by Rebel Cactus is a kids watch, GPS tracker and smartwatch all in one. A SIM card goes into the children's watch and you can call, video call, chat and whatsap (Rebel Cactus GO) with it. With the GPS tracker you can also see where your child is in the free parent app, or set up safe zones where they are allowed to play outside.

But Rebel Cactus is more! With educational, music, communication and play apps on the smartwatch, a world opens up for them playfully. Parents turn the apps on or off, depending on age and interests. Whether the child is five or nine, this way Rebel Cactus smartwatch for kids grows with them. This way you will enjoy the purchase for a long time to come. Parents are in control of the apps and content on the smartwatch, using the Rebel Cactus Parent App.

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Smartwatch especially for children

Rebel Cactus has developed a real smartwatch especially for boys and girls, with which they can discover the world, for any age. Of course, you can make calls with it and parents can see where their children are via GPS and an app. But Rebel Cactus is especially for the kids, so they can have fun discovering the world. With always the Rebel Cactus kids watch on their wrist. Proud and cool.

smartwatch for children

Playing and exploring

Learning through play is an important way for children to explore, stimulate creativity and grow. On the smartwatch for kids you will find a number of challenging smart games, good for motor skills and that will make you smarter. For example, we have memory, a math game, Stack and much more.

Music Fun

On the kids' smartwatch listen to Spotify or download MP3 music files on the watch.
With Spotify, they listen to their own playlists, or great fun audiobook tales. Connect the smartwatch to a Pogs wireless headphone when they're at the playground or soccer field. Guaranteed fun!


With WhatsApp on the Rebel Cactus GO smartwatch for kids, you can now also add your child to the family WhatsApp. How fun is that and educational for the youngest ones. This also helps in increasing self-reliance and independence and count on the young adventurer being proud of this.

Set the Privacy settings and Always Pop-up in the Settings so that the latest whatsapp arrives directly on the screen.


For developing the general knowledge of elementary school children, Rebel Cactus believes it is important to provide high-quality content. All according to kids content guidelines and of course no advertising.

Freedom: playing outside with a smartwatch for kids to wear

To further develop self-confidence in children, it is important that they discover the world without their parents. Free and in freedom. And parents with peace of mind. How nice it is when they play carefree outside, with friends, in the playground, on the cable car or on the soccer field. With the call function on the children's watch and GPS function on the smartwatch, you let your child play outside with peace of mind. If there is anything, they call or app you and you can always check where they are.

Parent App and App Store on the smartwatch for children

Rebel Cactus model GO is the only smartwatch for boys and girls that has a real App Store on the smartwatch where you can find the apps. In this way, parents are 100% in control of all apps and functions on their child's smartwatch. Through the App Store on the free Rebel Cactus ParentApp, the parent turns on and off all apps and features. What they want and what the child is up to. The apps remain visible on the smartwatch but the children can no longer do anything with them.
If your child is ready to join the family Whatsapp group, you can easily turn it on. So the smartwatch for children grows with the growth of your child. You also update the apps yourself via the App Store in the Rebel Cactus ParentApp. Parents are 100% in control of all apps and content.

Mix & match

Rebel Cactus is made so that children can pimp the smartwatch with cheerful charms that you snap onto the watch band. So you can make it a smartwatch for boys or a smartwatch for girls. Check the shop for cool charms, such as spiderman or a donut. The smartwatch is also easy for kids to charge themselves.

All the benefits and features of the Rebel Cactus at a glance:

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Join the Rebel Cactus Club and receive a charm gift with the purchase of the children's watch!

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