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Smartwatch for boys

Always and everywhere connected with the GPS GO smartwatch for boys! Including calling function, GPS, Whatsapp & Spotify. Ordered in the NL before 21:00, shipped the same day!

Two boys making selfies with their Rebel Cactus kids smartwatch

**Smartwatch for boys, your child always with you!

Let your son play safely outside, on the bike to school, soccer or field hockey, at the amusement park or at the campsite during vacation? With a smartwatch for your son, you as a parent are always accessible. Rebel Cactus has several children's watches, with GPS tracker and also a smartwatch in one. A SIM card goes in and you can call, video call, chat and on several models also whatsapp. With the GPS tracker you can also see where your son is in the free Parent App, or you can set up safe zones where they are allowed to play outside.

Boys smartwatch available with WhatsApp

But Rebel Cactus GO is more! With educational, music, communication - WhatsApp - on the smartwatch, a world opens up for them playfully. Parents turn the apps on or off, depending on age and interests. Whether your son is five or nine, in this way Rebel Cactus children's smartwatch grows with him. This way, you will enjoy the purchase for a long time to come. Parents are in control of the apps and content on the various children's smartwatches and use the Rebel Cactus Parent App to do so.

Compose cool smartwatch boys

Easily put together your own smartwatch for your son. Choose a color and to make it even more fun, you can pimp the smartwatch with all kinds of cool charms. How about a Spiderman charm, a soccer or a happy face?

Rebel Cactus smartwatch boys summarized in brief:
● Calling, Video calling, SOS
● Accurate GPS location tracking, Geofence
● WhatsApp (on different models)
● Pedometer
● With free Parent App always in control
● On/off during school hours
● Free shipping (within NL)

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