Sim card for children’s watch

Sim Card

Rebel Cactus is a standalone children's watch that you can call directly with. To make calls with it, and more, you need a (nano) SIM card that goes into the kids watch which also provides the data connection. This data connection provides the GPS function that allows you to see where your child is playing outside.

Which sim card works best with the Rebel Cactus kids watch?

The Rebel Cactus Play kidswatch is simlock-free. This means that the kidswatch basically works with all telecom providers. We recommend for all countries in the European Union the SIM cards of Lebara, because with this good mobile internet / data is received which in turn is important for receiving the GPS location data on the kidswatch.
In the Netherlands, there is one exception, and that is Simyo. They do not support smartwatches.

Lebara is an inexpensive SIM card provider and has regular advantageous offers. The data bundle at Lebara is valid in most cases in all countries within the European Union, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. With the data bundle you can call and text to other EU countries, and use mobile internet at no extra cost. Lebara always sends a text message to the child watch when the bundle is at 80% and 100% of call minutes, text messages or data usage. Tip: set in the Rebel Cactus ParentApp that you want to receive the SMS messages from the kidswatch. Then you know when you can top up the sim card.

Cost of using sim card

Fortunately, the cost of sim cards plus data is limited today. If you only use the GPS Tracker that determines the location every 60 seconds you consume about 1.5 MB per day. This means a consumption of 45 MB per month. With Lebara, consuming 1 MB costs only 1 cent, and that rate is the same for countries within the European Union, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Are you traveling outside the EU? Then Lebara has special International bundles for 44 countries. For more info, check Lebara's website.
Rebel Cactus Play is also play-based learning with different apps. As your child gets older, data usage will also increase.


The credit of Lebara is unlimited. However, you have to call, text, use data or top up the sim card of the child watch once every 90 days.

Order the SIM card of Lebara at the same time as the kidswatch of Rebel Cactus, and you can immediately start using the settings of the kidswatch.

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