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The Rebel Cactus Club guarantees lots of outdoor play adventures.
Every parent knows that outdoor play contributes to their children's physical health and well-being. But there is more. While playing outdoors, children develop their motor skills, stimulate creativity, practice social skills and promote cognitive growth. Children become smarter outside!

Therefore, let us always encourage children to go outside, explore nature, play together and have fun! It is not only fun, but also essential for their overall development. Rebel Cactus believes this is important and makes a strong case for it.

This adventure starts at the Rebel Cactus Club with the best outdoor play challenges, new apps and great play and vacation tips. You will also be the first to know about our great competitions that we set up together with great adventure playgrounds, amusement parks and zoos. Don't miss it and become a member for free!

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Meet the Rebel Rats!


Hoi, ik ben Devin!


I am almost 7 and live in Amstelveen. Together with my brother and parents we often go to museums. It's fun to look around everywhere, discover new things and you can often do cool things!
With the Rebel Cactus smartwatch my parents now always know where I am :) Also, I can now take pictures of all the cool things I see in the museum!


Hoi, ik ben Jens!


I am 8 years old and live in Limburg, close to nature where I like to go climbing and scrambling in the woods. When I see messes lying around while playing, I can't resist picking them up and throwing them away in the trash.
I also really enjoy hiking! Soon I will be running the mini Kennedy march (10 km) for the second time. How handy is the Rebel Cactus kids smartwatch then! Can my mom follow exactly how fast I run and occasionally ask how I'm doing.


Hoi, ik ben Lianne!


I am 10 years old and live with my parents and brother in the south of the Netherlands. I very much enjoy playing outside with my friends and being in nature, like hiking. When I used to play outside, my mom would always drive around the neighborhood to see where I was. Now with my Rebel Cactus smartwatch, this is no longer necessary!

Floor Elise

Hoi, ik ben Floor Elise!

Floor Elise

I am 7 years old and live in Nieuwkoop. I attend ballet, gymnastics, street dance, scouting and play the piano. I love scavenger hunts, rollerblading and having adventures with my besties. Next week we are going skiing and of course I will have my Rebel Cactus smartwatch on! Do my parents know where I am, but what's really cool? That I can text with my grandmother in Amsterdam via my watch every day!


Hoi, ik ben Rover!


Hello! I'm Rover, 6 years old. I love going on adventures with my dad! We explore the forests, go hiking, or camping. In 2023, I even completed the 5KM Mudmasters obstacle run. Nothing stops me! Besides that, I enjoy supporting my club, FC Twente. When I go to the stadium, my Rebel Cactus smartwatch comes in handy.

Cool outdoor play challenges and competitions

As a member of the Club, you naturally like to be the first to know about the best outdoor play challenges and cool win actions with playgrounds and amusement parks. Rebel Cactus organized the 'dog-nut challenge', the 'sidewalk chalk challenge' and the 'keep the ball high challenge' for its fans throughout the Netherlands. With beautiful prizes to win! In addition, last year fans had a chance to win tickets to the preHistoric Village in Eindhoven, the adventure playground de Speeldernis in Rotterdam and the animal park Almere Jungle. We work together with undiscovered and the most fun parks throughout the Netherlands!

App Store

Rebel Cactus is so much more! On the children's smartwatch is a Rebel Cactus App Store with various music, social or game apps. With the Parent App, the parents decide whether the child can use certain apps on the smartwatch or not (yet), or at a later age. The apps are turned on and off. In this way, the Rebel Cactus smartwatch grows with the age of the child and a world opens up for them in a playful way. There are many apps available in the App Store, such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Pou, Spotify and many more.

Club membership benefits:

  • Free
  • Chance to get free entrance tickets for parks throughout NL
  • Get more out of the Rebel Cactus kids smartwatch
  • Be the first to know about our outdoor play challenges, new apps and great play and vacation tips
  • Take advantage of cool giveaways.

*Rebel Cactus reserves the right to change the promotion conditions in the meantime as a result of changing external circumstances.

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