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GPS kids smartwatch GO black

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Looks good on you this very latest model Rebel Cactus GO kids smartwatch! With more accurate GPS, and a battery that lasts extra long. WhatsApp just like on the smartphone, and Spotify and Deezer for the latest hits. And new apps, such as the youth news so you are always up to date with the latest news and weather forecast. Or a flashlight for nighttime camping in the dark. The app SayHi lets you talk to friends if you don't speak each other's language. Just speak hands-free and SayHi translates it and talks for you. You can also see what time it is, make (video) calls, chat, listen to music and keep track of how active you are with the StepsApp. And more! IP 67 splash-proof and kid-proof. Play, learn and have fun! Discover your world!

  • Calling, Whatsapp, Video calling, SOS
  • Accurate GPS location tracking, Geofence
  • Unique Rebel Cactus App Store: apps like ‘Jeugdjournaal’ (NL) SteppsApp, KidsGym, Music: Spotify & Deezer, smart games & educational kid videos, math and brain games, SayHi, socials and more. Turn the apps on or off and the watch grows with your child.
  • Battery life: 24 hours (standby time), one day when active when used, charging every night in two hours
  • SMS alerts: SOS, Low battery, Geofence
  • Languages: Dutch, English, German, Spanish, French and others
  • Works throughout Europe and beyond, even on vacation!
  • 4G, WIFI, Bluetooth
  • Pedometer
  • With free Parent App always in control of apps and content: turn apps on/off
  • On/off during school hours
  • Kid proof and super simple charging with the magnetic pin charging cable
  • Camera and much more!
  • Splash proof IP67

The Rebel Cactus GO GPS kids smartwatch is a standalone smartwatch. Pop in a SIM card and use your watch to make calls by speaking right into the watch. You'll never have to worry about losing your phone again and you'll always be connected. Rebel Cactus is ideal for young tree climbers, late-runners, dog walkers, sidewalk footballers, puddle splashers and daydreamers, allowing them to grow up free and independent. With the Rebel Cactus smartwatch, you can let them play outside worry-free, bike to school without you, go to the sports club or to a friend's house. Let them wander at the amusement park or explore nature while on vacation. With Rebel Cactus you're always connected.


Calling, Chatting, Whatsapp, (HD) Video calling, SMS and SOS

  • Hup toss in the SIM card in and call directly with your watch! Rebel Cactus GO is simlock-free. Choose your own telecom provider. No Simyo. We recommend the KPN network, prepaid, for example Lebara. Need: a nano SIM card (smallest size).
  • Talk over the clock and with a handy bluetooth ears headset.
  • Handy: when in school, simply set Rebel Cactus GO to ‘Silent’. Or set a time lock so that no calls can be made.
  • WhatsApp like you’re used to. Send quick messages back and forth or (video) call each other.
    Tip: From your own smartphone, send a whatsapp message to your child. Your child saves this number and can now whatsapp with you.
    Tip: set “Always Popup” at notifications in settings and you never miss a Whatsapp message.
  • Chat via the smartwatch and the Rebel Cactus Tracker Parent App and vice versa. Voice messages too!
  • With the SOS alarm button your child calls in case of emergency directly to 3 set phone numbers (mom, babysitter, grandpa). This repeats until someone answers. Do turn off voicemail.
  • SMS messages; this function is included to sign up for apps. For verification you often get codes sent via messages. Enter these and then sign in.

GPS, Geofencing, Historical Routes.

  • With the Rebel Cactus Tracker/Parent App that you install on your smartphone, you can track your child on a map. You can also establish Geofence zones, so you get a notification you each time your child enters or leaves this area. Also super handy is that you can see where your child has been in the past, with historical routes.

Rebel Cactus Tracker/ Parent App.

  • With the Rebel Cactus Tracker/ Parent App, as a parent, you are completely in control of all apps in the Rebel Cactus App Store (including socials) and educational content on the smartwatch. You simply turn the apps on or off. Furthermore, you add contacts to the smartwatch with the Rebel Cactus Tracker/ Parent App. In addition, in the Parent App you will find helpful settings, such as alerts and setting times that the smartwatch turns on and off at school.

Rebel Cactus App Store.

  • On the children’s smartwatch there is a Rebel Cactus App Store which contains the different music, social or game apps. With the ParentApp, the parents determine whether the child can use certain apps on the smartwatch or not (yet), or do so later in life. You turn the apps on and off. For example, if your child is 6 years old, you can choose to turn on only the smart games and Spotify/Deezer music. As the child gets older, you make other apps available such as Whatsapp and/or, when the child is ready, socials, such as Instagram. In this way, the Rebel Cactus GO smartwatch always grows with the child’s age.
  • In the App Store, new updates of certain apps become available from time to time, such as those of WhatsApp. Easy: updates perform when it’s convenient. Make sure the watch is on and connected via wifi.
  • The App Store is a closed system and new apps are added to the App Store only with Rebel Cactus’ approval. Are you missing certain educational or entertaining apps? If so, we would love to hear from you and we will investigate and perhaps place them in the App Store.

Of the independent apps that are on the Rebel Cactus watches, such as WhatsApp, games, WeatherApp, Pedometer etc, the manufacturer cannot guarantee that the apps will continue to function properly during the full life of the product, cq during the warranty period of the product. This depends on the app owners and developers.

Educational kid content.

  • Jeugdjournaal (Netherlands only): check the daily news through children’s eyes.
  • Youtube CAUTION, only for older kids and disable this app if you don’t want them to watch Youtube! Youtube Lite for kids will come later.
  • Updates of certain apps will be available in the App Store as they are released, such as WhatsApp for example. You perform the updates at your convenience.

Spotify, Deezer & music

  • With the Spotify and/or Deezer app on your Rebel Cactus GO smartwatch, you always have the coolest music with you. Connect to the Wifi, download your playlist and you’ll have your music with you wherever you go. Don’t have a Spotify or Deezer account? Just listen to MP3 files. Upload via Bluetooth or USB cable from your PC or tablet your favorite MP3 music tracks on Rebel Cactus. Listen to music through a speaker/box or with a wireless bluetooth headset.

Smart Games

  • Under Games in the menu you will find a whole list of various smart games apps for lots of fun.
  • POU: take care of Pou, your new bff, feed and lovingly care for Pou on time.
  • Plunk: wiggle your wrist and roll the ball past the obstacles in the hole. For good hand-eye coordination:-)
  • NinjaRun: finger game: keep running on the tracks, and try to avoid the obstacles.
  • Stack: put the tiles on top of each other as well as possible and train your concentration. Get smarter:-)
  • Banana Kong-Fun app: dodge the obstacles and run through the forest.

Google Translate

Camera and Photos.

  • Take fun selfies and chat them to your family and friends.

Keep moving!

  • Stepps app: How many steps are you taking today? 6,000 steps? Check and challenge yourself!
  • KidsGym: do the daily exercise.


  • Digital or analog, choose your favorite screen background. You can choose from 10 different themes. Learning how to clock? Set the analog clock.

Alarm clock alarm.

  • With “Tasks,” easily set up a message that gives your child a reminder at desired times. Very handy for medication.
  • Forgetful? Set the alarm at the time your son or daughter needs to be home or at the sports club.
  • Calendar: put your appointments in the calendar and learn to plan ahead. Set a reminder and you won’t forget anything!


  • Super handy for a quick calculation. Of course not during school or doing homework:-)


  • This kids’ smartwatch is splash-proof and can withstand a light rain. IP67.

Age and Sizing.

  • Rebel Cactus is suitable for children ages 5 and up.
  • Display dimensions are 46mm x 38mm and 13mm thin.
  • Rebel Cactus fits on a small wrist from 9cm to a large wrist of 18cm.
  • Rebel Cactus weighs only 70 grams.

Technical Specifications.

  • Simlock-free.
  • Mobile Network: 4G VoLTe.
  • Wifi.
  • Bluetooth for easy listening of music with your wireless Bluetooth speaker.
  • Camera: 5 megapixels high definition.
  • Display: full color touchscreen 240 by 240 pixels.
  • Memory: 8 GB internal memory.
  • Languages: Dutch, English, German, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, Danish, Swedish, Slovak, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Japanese, Arabic and Chinese.
  • Phone numbers: up to 15 contacts.
  • Battery Lithium-Polymer 800 mAh. Battery lasts a day in use, 24 hours, charging in two hours!
  • Easy for kids Magnet Pin charging cable with USB for connecting to laptop or computer.
  • Certification: FCC, CE, Rohs.
  • Watchband meets EN 71, Part 3, Safety of Toys, Migration of Certain Elements, EU REACH, FDA 21 CFR 177.2600, ROHS SS-00259 and the new German GS PAHS requirements and is free of Hallogen, perfluorooctane sulfonate (FPOS), phthalates

Your box includes:

*Rebel Cactus GO GPS kids smartwatch
*Rebel Cactus GO charging cable

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