Frequently Asked Questions

4G netwerk

De kindersmartwatches van Rebel Cactus werken op 2G, 3G en 4G netwerken. Op dit moment gaan er mails rond van de provider Simpel over de 2G netwerken die zij niet meer gaan ondersteunen en dat zij gezien hebben dat de smartwatch van deze klanten hierop draait. Waarschijnlijk heeft de simkaart een keer 2G aangetikt. No worries!

REBEL CACTUS GO: QUICK STARt & MORE – setting up step by step and GO!

Open the link and see what steps you need to complete to get your Rebel Cactus GO up and running and connected to the Rebel Cactus Parent app. quick-start-more-rebel-cactus-go-nl

Rebel Cactus Play Quick Start Guide! First Time use: follow the instructions

Open the link to see the steps how to set up your Rebel Cactus Play and to connect it to the parental app & GPS tracker app. Quick start guide Rebel Cactus Play

Rebel Cactus Tracker App instruction manual

Always in control over all apps and content in the Rebel Cactus App Store with the Rebel Cactus Tracker App. Find the instruction manual here.

Battery and GPS

GPS demands a lot from the battery and that is why it is important that you are careful with the other functions on the watch. We have some tips:

  • Turn off bluetooth when not in use.
  • Set the location determination to 60 minutes and not to 1 x 1 minute, and if you want a live location press the location icon in the map on the Rebel Cactus OuderApp. If the GPS is continuously on, a lot of data is required and a lot of battery.
  • You charge it every evening, switch off the watch completely via Settings & Shutdown, remove the watch from the strap and place the watch ON the charger. Pins on pins until it clicks. Always charge the watch to 100%. If you remove the watch from the charger after a few hours, the Rebel Cactus logo will first appear on the watch and soon afterwards you will see how many percent the watch is charged and whether you are already at 100%.
Battery charging

It is always important to charge a new battery to 100% every day. So is the battery of the Rebel Cactus smartwatch. We tell you how.

You charge every evening, turn the watch off completely via Settings & Shutdown, remove the watch from the strap and place the watch ON the charger. Pins on pins until it clicks. Always charge the watch to 100%. If you remove the watch from the charger after a few hours, the Rebel Cactus logo will first appear on the watch and soon afterwards you will see how many percent the watch is charged and whether you are already at 100%.

Battery and cold weather

You may have noticed that when you're out in the cold, your phone's battery life suddenly drops by leaps and bounds. That is no coincidence.

Less than 15 years ago you could do two things with your mobile: calling and texting. In the meantime, a lot has changed, but technology is still losing to nature. When you expose your smartphone to cold for (too) long, the battery will suddenly last a lot less. In the worst case, your phone will even shut down completely. This is due to the chemical reactions within the battery.

Two poles

Almost every smartphone runs on a lithium battery. Inside that battery are two poles: an anode and a cathode. How much your phone is charged has everything to do with which of those two sides the ions are on. In a charged phone all ions are on the anode side of the battery, in an empty phone they are on the cathode side.

Chemical reaction

When you charge your phone, you push those ions from the cathode to the anode side. It's not like the cold "drains" your phone. If it should deflate, the ions have to go somewhere, but because of the cold, they stay where they are. The ions have nowhere to go. The cold causes a chemical reaction that slows down consumption. The only other time this happens is when all the ions are on the cathode side (ie the "empty" side). Your phone therefore thinks that the battery is empty, when it is not.

Normal temperature

Whatever you do in such a case: don't put your phone on the charger. Your phone has no shortage of ions and because of the cold no more ions are drawn towards the anode side. The only way you can save your battery is to use your phone at a normal temperature again. Leave your phone in your pocket or purse on really chilly winter days and only take it out when you're inside.


Yes! Rebel Cactus Play has Bluetooth. To set it up, go to 'Settings' and then to 'Bluetooth'. Slide Bluetooth to ON. Now the smartwatch will scan for available devices. Select the device you want to pair with, click on 'pair', and click on 'agree' when the pin code is displayed. You're now connected to Bluetooth. You can connect to various devices, such as earbuds, headphones and speakers to listen to your favorite music or share it with your friends. Take note! Bluetooth uses a lot of power, so turn it off when you're not using it.

If you want to "pair" with another device, you must first "unpair" the previously paired device, press visible and you will see the new device in the list to "pair".

Instructional video
Check how to connect Rebel Cactus Play kids smartwatch with Bluetooth.


Does Rebel Cactus have GPS?

Yes, Rebel Cactus smartwatch has GPS. Using the Rebel Cactus Tracker Parent App, you can track your child and and see their location. If it fails to receive the location immediately, turn off Location Based Station on the ParentApp. Further, set the location update to once every 60 minutes. If you want a live location press the green location icon in the map in the ParentApp. Sometimes a few times.

How operates the GPS Tracker within the Parental App

The GPS Tracker App is giving an inaccurate location?

The smartwatch makes use of three different systems to determine location: GPS, WiFi and LBS. With GPS and WiFi, the variation in location accuracy can be anywhere from 10-30 meters. If the device can't find WiFi or GPS indoors, it will resort to using LBS to determine its location, using the nearest GSM tower as a reference point. LBS service is the least accurate of the three services, and it's normal for there to be a fluctuation of up to 200 meters in location.

Is your indoor location inaccurate? Step outside, but stay within 10 meters of your residence. Push the 'Find location' button in the app and wait until a GPS location is found. Repeat this at both the front and the back of your house. Now that your watch has an updated and accurate GPS location, it will also be able to find the correct location in the house.

The GPS Tracker App indicates that the smartwatch is offline: no range?

First check that the smartwatch is powered on. Also check whether Data Roaming is turned on on the watch. Roaming can be found under Settings, Mobile networks and there you check Data roaming. If that is off then there is no 4G.
It is also important that you have sufficient data on the SIM card, in addition to the call credit.

The actual location has a 10 minute lag?

To save data usage and battery life, the smartwatch is factory set to update it's location every 10 minutes. If the watch doesn't detect motion, it will also stop actively tracking. If you'd like actual location information, you can push the 'Refresh Location' button in your app. The smartwatch will need 60 seconds from refreshing to send its first updated accurate location and will send an updated location every 20 seconds for two full minutes.

The smartwatch can't find the GPS location even though it's outside?

When your watch is using GPS for the first time, it needs a little extra time to figure out its exact location. Take your watch outdoors to a place with little interference from tall buildings. Make sure your watch is powered on. Push the 'Refresh location' button in the app (at the top of the screen). The app will send the locate command ('Locate request sent') and within a minute the smartwatch will locate its GPS coordinates. You'll see your location information change in the app from LBS to GPS at this time.

There's no warning when the smartwatch leaves or enters the safe zone?

The safe zone works only with GPS. To successfully trigger the safe zone alarm, at least one GPS position location must occur in the safe zone and one GPS position location must occur outside of the safe zone. Because the smartwatch only updates its location once every 10 minutes, it may take 10 to 20 minutes for you to receive a safe zone notification in the app. If you would like more frequent updates, you can adjust the 'Location update schedule' in the parental app to once a minute, thereby triggering the safe zone alarm sooner.

Changing watch bands

The Rebel Cactus watch bands are super easy to change out! Just push down on the top of the watchbody mechanism until it pops out of the plastic band. Then insert the watch into a new watch band by pushing the watchbody up into a new band until it's secure.

SIM cards

Is Rebel Cactus SIM lock free?

Yes, Rebel Cactus is SIM lock free. This means you can use SIM cards from any available providers, except Simyo in the Netherlands.

What kind of SIM card do I need?

You'll need to use a nano SIM card in your Rebel Cactus.

Can I only use a prepaid SIM card?

No, Rebel Cactus works with prepaid SIM cards as well as with subscription phone plans.

I have placed the SIM card in my smartwatch. Now what?

In order to call with a SIM card, it must be activated.

I can't make calls with my Rebel Cactus, but I do receive incoming calls. What can I do?

Your SIM card is most likely blocked by your provider. Please contact your SIM card provider to resolve this.

SIM card error

The watch does not take the PIN code from the SIM card, while it definately is the correct PIN code. What can I do?

Restart the watch and see if it works.
Always restart the watch if you have exchanged the SIM card for another SIM card, or if you have removed the SIM card and put it back in.

How much data bundle on SIM card needed?

Fortunately, the cost of SIM cards plus data is limited these days. If you only use the GPS Tracker that determines your location every 60 seconds, you consume about 1.5 MB per day. This means a consumption of 45 MB per month. Rebel Cactus Play is also play-based learning with different apps. As your child gets older, data consumption will also increase.

Text messages: watch

The children's smartwatch Rebel Cactus Play has a function to receive and send text messages. This is useful if you want to receive verification codes for Whatsapp or other applications.

In the Rebel Cactus Tracker App/Parent app you can see exactly which text messages are sent and received. It is useful to check this from time to time to ensure that no unusual text messages are received on the watch. If your child is older and he/she can determine this himself, you can easily switch off this function.

As a parent, you are always in control and Rebel Cactus grows with your child.

SOS/ Emergency Mode

How can I set my Rebel Cactus up for SOS/ Emergency Mode?

  • In the Rebel Cactus Tracker app, enter three phone numbers under SOS/family to be contacted in an emergency in order of importance.
  • Hold the SOS button, also the On button on the side of the Rebel Cactus smartwatch for minimum of 5 seconds to activate SOS mode. This will automatically call the first number on the emergency list. If there is no answer, the next number will be called and so on.
Dataprotection and the location of the servers

Data security Rebel Cactus Tracker App

  • All data is stored on an Amazon (AWS) server in Germany. Amazon takes the highest possible security measures to ensure that the data is and remains safe.
  • The data flow between the App and the Server is encrypted via encryption. With this encryption, it is no longer possible for malicious parties to capture, eavesdrop or manipulate this data.
  • In the Login Screen when registering in the Parent App, the parent enters a Captcha verification code together with a strong password.
  • The main user of the Parent App (the 1st user to pair the smartwatch) must always give permission if another user wants to pair the smartwatch. This way unauthorized persons cannot gain access.

What can you do yourself?

  • Change the password regularly (remember it!)
  • Never share the account details with others
  • Never share the PUK code of the SIM card with others

Rebel Cactus Webshop

The customer data of the Rebel Cactus webshop is stored on the latest servers in Antagonist data centers, always in the Netherlands. There are strict security measures and access requirements.
Rebel Cactus works with Antagonist because they use the latest servers and the best server management tools.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and security

Rebel Cactus has a far with Antagonist from the AVG, also known as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), because the servers contain different personal data, such as e-mail addresses and other contact details. Antagonist and Rebel Cactus are both committed to safety and transparency.

Certification CE, RoHs & FCC

Are Rebel Cactus products certified?

Yes, Rebel Cactus products are certified for:

  1. CE; the products comply with European legislation for the European market.
  2. RoHs; against hazardous substances such as lead, mercury, cadmium, etc. in electronic equipment.
  3. FCC; Rebel Cactus meets the requirements for the American market according to the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC).
Safety – please change the password

After downloading and connecting the Rebel Cactus Tracker App, it is very easy to change the password on the smartwatch. The new password stays visible on the parental app.

Alarm clock

Alarm clock and alarm functions

Rebel Cactus has a handy alarm clock and alarm function. For example, to help your child wake up in the morning or get to a party or sports training on time.

  • you can set 3 different alarms/alarm tasks
  • as soon as the alarm goes off, a clock icon appears on the screen
  • the alarm sound will go off, unless you have selected vibrate only
  • each task can be set to repeat; for example every day or specific days of the week.
Splash waterproof

The Rebel Cactus Play has a splash waterproof.

Prevention is better than cure: when it rains, hide the watch in the sleeve of the jacket. If you go skating, put a sweatband around it, then you protect the watch and you still hear it go off.

Unfortunately, this means that any water damage due to showering and swimming is not covered under the warranty. But, if you act quickly you can possibly still save your smartwatch.

Turn off your Rebel Cactus as soon as possible!

Take a look and see how much water got in the watch. The more water that got in, the higher chance that it's been damaged. Dry the watch off with a towel or cloth as quickly as you can and don't turn it on, not even to check if it's working. Make sure to leave the smartwatch turned off!

Rice method

Grab a plastic sandwich bag or a bowl and fill it with dry rice. Make sure your smartwatch is turned off and put it in the bag and shake it a bit so it's completely submerged in the rice. Now find a safe dry place to put it and leave the bag or bowl with the rice and your phone for a few days (at least 60 hours) to dry out. afterwards, connect your Rebel Cactus to the charger and see if it works. Fingers crossed!!

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Rebel Cactus is currently working on a special watch band for our little mermaids and mermen so you can dive in the pool. Stay tuned and check our web shop frequently availability.

In which languages?

The Rebel Cactus Play kids smartwatch is available in the following languages:
• English
• Dutch
• German
• Swedish
• Danish
• French
• Spanish
• Italian
• Polish
• Portuguese
• Turkish
• Slovak
• Indonesian
• Vietnamese
• Japanese
• Arabic
• Chinese

Listening to Music & Spotify

Listen to streaming music via Spotify

  • Go to the Spotify app, then log in with your account, choose your playlist and you can listen to music. Make sure you are connected to WiFi and download the music from your playlist. Now you can also listen music when you are offline.

  • Instructional video
    Watch the instructional video about activating Spotify on the kids smartwatch Rebel Cactus Play

How do I listen to music via MP3 files?

  • Go to the audio player app Musicolet.
  • Connect your computer/laptop to the Rebel Cactus via Bluetooth.
  • Copy the mp3 file in the folder Music.
  • Open the app audioplayer Musicolet, go to the appropriate folder Music, click on the music file and your music can be listened to.
Rebel Cactus App Store & Socials: Instagram


  • Do you have an Instagram account? Then log in. You can do everything you normally do with your Instagram via Instagram on Rebel Cactus. You don't have an Instagram account and you want one? Ask your parent and always create an Instagram account together with your parent.
Smart Games

Which games are on the smartwatch?

  • Currently there are a limited number of games on the smartwatch, such as: Stacks, Four in a row, a math game and memory. In the next release, four additional games will be added, such as 2048, TicTacToe, Maze and Voice changer.

How much memory does Rebel Cactus have?

Rebel Cactus has an internal memory of 2 GB so you can store files like music and pictures.

How do I store files on the memory card?

When you connect Rebel Cactus to your PC or laptop, it will ask you to confirm 'mass storage'. Click Yes. Now your PC or laptop recognizes the smartwatch.

Charging your Rebel Cactus

How do I charge the battery?

The magnetic power cable makes it easy to charge the Rebel Cactus smartwatch.
Connect the magnetic end of the cable to the back of the Rebel Cactus and connect the other end of the cable with the large USB-connector to a laptop, computer or your own wall adapter. The battery is fully charged when the indicator on the display stops blinking. When you're not using your Rebel Cactus, like at night, is a great time to charge the battery of your Rebel Cactus.

How do I charge the battery for the first time?

To extend the life of the battery, we advise you to fully charge the battery the first time you charge it.

How long can I use my Rebel Cactus when it's fully charged?

With a fully charged battery, you can expect to make and get calls on your Rebel Cactus for about minimum of 24h/ 1 day.

My Rebel Cactus won't charge.

Check if you have connected the charging cable properly. Try connecting the smartwatch to your PC or laptop, via the USB-cable. This is another way you can charge the battery. Look at the indicator. Is it charging now? If so, your wall adapter might be defective.

Factory settings

Would you like to reset the Rebel Cactus watch to Factory settings?

Very easy, open the Rebel Cactus Tracker App on the smartphone, make sure the watch has been turned on and has good Wifi connection, and press: Reset Device.

Pre-set lock times

How do I set the smartwatch to lock during school hours?

Clever. No distractions in the classroom. You can set a lock schedule for your smartwatch during school hours so it will automatically turn off and on. In the Rebel Cactus Parental App/Tracker, go to 'Disabled in class'. Here is where you'll set up what times you'd like the smartwatch to be locked.

Telling time

Is the clock on Rebel Cactus analog or digital?

Kids can choose how they want to tell time! Either with clock hands (analog) or digitally with numbers (i.e 12.00). When holding down on the current clock theme for 3 seconds, other options will be displayed. Click and hold the theme you like.

WhatsApp & updates

WhatsApp settings

You will find WhatsApp on the Rebel Cactus GO. Handy: add your child to the family WhatsApp group! WhatsApp on the smartwatch reads from bottom to top. This means that you have to scroll down to read the latest posts. To prevent this, regularly delete all messages so that the latest apps are at the top. In WhatsApp you go to "clear all chats"!

If you don't want to miss any messages. Go to settings, notifications, select "popup" and all messages will be directly opened.

WhatsApp updates

Connect the watch to the WiFi at home. Under Settings, you'll see Wifi, tap it and turn Wifi on. Now the watch searches for WiFi networks, select the home network, enter the password, press the yellow arrow and the watch is connected to the WiFi. Now you can update WhatsApp via the OuderApp. In the OuderApp, go to the AppStore and then to WhatsApp.

Reject unknown numbers

The kids smartwatch Rebel Cactus Play has a function to reject unknown numbers. This prevents unknown numbers, these are numbers that are not included in the contact list, from calling the smartwatch. This way you prevent your child from having contact with a stranger.

Set this function as follows:

Make sure the smartwatch is connected to the WiFi. Go to the Rebel Cactus OuderApp and in the list is Reject Unknown Numbers, set it to 'green' with the text: 'Turn on reject unknown numbers'. Now all unknown numbers that call with the watch are immediately blocked.

In the Rebel Cactus Tracker App/Parent App, as a parent you can see which phone numbers have been declined. If your child is older and he/she can determine this himself, you can easily switch off this function. As a parent, you are always in control and Rebel Cactus grows with your child.


Rebel Cactus Play has WiFi. Just go to settings and switch on WiFi and the smartwatch will scan for available networks. Select the desired WiFi network, enter the password and click on 'connect'.

Instructional video
Check how to connect WiFi on Rebel Cactus Play kids smartwatch in the instructional video.

Tip! Hotspot
Connect Rebel Cactus Play to a Hotspot on a parent’s or family member’s smartphone and the watch stops using its own data allotment. Of course this only works if you’re within range of each other.

Orders and delivery

I'd like to place an order. How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Ordering on a business day before 15.00? We'll ship your Rebel Cactus smartwatch that same day immediately after receiving your payment. Usually PostNL will deliver your package the next day but occasionally if they're experiences delays, your package might take an extra day.

For shipments to Belgium we advise you to order before 12.00 on business days. Your Rebel Cactus order should then be delivered within the next two or three days, depending on PostNL.

Can I pick up my product?

Rebel Cactus is an online web shop and does not have any pick up points. All shipments are sent from our fulfillment center. Please note, the Hallofo B.V. address is only a branch address, and not the address of our fulfillment center.

Delete files on the watch

On the smartwatch, go to Settings / Settings, under Clear Tasks, Clear Tools you go to File Explore. View the folders and delete.

Pay attention: 2nd hand Rebel Cactus Play kids smartwatch

If you take over a Rebel Cactus watch, the following is important:

  • Ask if the seller disconnets the watch from the Parent App, if that has not been done you cannot connect the watch yourself.

  • Check with the seller with which OuderApp the watch was connected, 1. the FMK App or 2. the Rebel Cactus Tracker App.

  • Did the seller use the FMK App? Then the watch needs a one-time firmware update and you will switch to our Rebel Cactus
    Tracker App. With the firmware update, Rebel Cactus watch gets an AppStore and VideoPlayer and with the Rebel Cactus Tracker App you
    are always in control of the Apps and content on the watch. Please contact us via
    The cost of sending the watch back and forth is not for Rebel Cactus.

  • Unfortunately, we cannot warranty 2nd hand smartwatches and chargers.

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