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The Rebel Cactus team is here and ready to assist you, give us your best shot! Reach us between the hours of 8:30 and 17:30 CET (Central European Time) Monday to Friday.

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Use this form to send us your question. We’ll respond as quickly as possible! Have you taken a look in our FAQ section? You might find your answer there.

Our service in a nutshell!

Check out Rebel Cactus at home like you would in the store. Turn it on and try it out. When making a call, you’ll enjoy high quality sound. The smartwatch is outfitted with a screen protector when delivered to protect the screen as well as for hygienic purposes. Please make sure to leave this screen protector on until you’ve decided you are satisfied with your purchase. Once the screen protector is removed from the smartwatch, the smartwatch is considered used and your Rebel Cactus can no longer be returned.

Not quite satisfied with your purchase? No problem! We can replace the product for a new one. Refunding your purchase is also not a problem. Please read below how to start the process.

My Rebel Cactus isn’t what I expected.

This can happen occasionally! Did you buy your Rebel Cactus in a retail store? Please return to the store where you purchased the smartwatch and they will help you. Did you buy the product in our Rebel Cactus webshop? Then please return your purchase within 14 days to: Rebel Cactus, Antwoordnummer 10107, 2700 VB Zoetermeer, The Netherlands. Once we receive your product, your purchase amount will be refunded to the account used to purchase the item within 5 business days.

Returning your product? Please use this return form. We ask that you describe in detail why your Rebel Cactus item didn’t work out for you. This helps us to improve our products. Please also include your bank account details. Please remember: you can not return the smartwatch if the screen protector is removed from the watch.

My Rebel Cactus smartwatch isn’t working

We’re so sorry to hear that! What exactly isn’t working? Please check our Questions & Answers to see if you can find a solution to the issue there. Or reach out to us via email at If neither of these options help, please return your product. Did you buy your Rebel Cactus at a retail store or webshop run by one of our retail partners or dealers? Please go back to the store so they can help you. Did you buy your Rebel Cactus from the Rebel Cactus webshop? Please send the product back to us. Follow these steps:
Use the return form and please describe the following:

If Rebel Cactus or one of the accessories is not fixable, you’ll receive a new product. Usually the next day, otherwise definitely within 2 business days. If it’s necessary to repair your item, we will contact you to let you know when to expect your item back. No shipping costs will be charged for returning goods.

Press or Media?

Are you with the Press or Media? Welcome to Rebel Cactus! We’d love to share Rebel Cactus with the world and would like get in touch with you. Please email us:

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