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Children’s watch with bell function

Do you want to be accessible to your child everywhere? Then the kids watch with call function from Rebel Cactus is the solution. Toss in a SIM card so you can WhatsApp or call & text, and voila, you're always reachable.

children's watch with call function

A phone on the wrist that children never lose when playing outside, and always answer because they hear or feel a call. That way you can always call or video call each other and see or know how things are, out of school, at the playground, on the soccer field or at the amusement park. It is nice to be able to give your children more freedom outside as they grow a little. A child who has the freedom to discover "the world" through play outside becomes more independent and self-reliant. With that also grows self-confidence. And that is very nice, isn't it? The smartwatch for children can contribute to that feeling.

Safely make and receive calls on your children's watch with call function

With the free Rebel Cactus Tracker App/Parent App on your smartphone, you can easily set up this kid's watch. Make sure the watch is connected to the Wifi at home and you are connected so that the settings will be implemented directly on the watch.

You easily create a contact book with phone numbers that you think are important. From grandpa, grandma, friends or girlfriends.

Safety comes first, of course, and if you turn on the "refuse unknown numbers" feature in the Parent App, no one can just contact your child. Your child can only answer the numbers that are in the contact book. All other callers from outside the contact list are automatically rejected.

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Should the need arise, there is an SOS button on the watch that allows you to raise the alarm and the children's watch will immediately start calling preset phone numbers. Because of the smartwatch with GPS, you are always and everywhere reachable.

Out during school

Handy: set school hours so that the watch is off when your child is in class and on again when school is out. Then no one is distracted and the teacher is happy too. The clock does stay on so you can always see what time it is. Around age six, children learn to tell time and this comes in handy.

Sim card to make calls with your children's watch

The Rebel Cactus kids watches are simlock-free and work with a nano SIM card, which you slide and click into the watch on the side. Close the flap over it and you're done! A nano sim card is the smallest size sim card. A sim card for the kid's watch is necessary for the smartwatch to work and make calls and use the Internet with it.

Join the Rebel Cactus Club and receive a charm gift with the purchase of the children's smartwatch

Cost, Wifi & Hotspot

We recommend sim cards from KPN or Lebara because they work best in our digital children's watch. Lebara sim cards also use the KPN network. Simyo unfortunately no longer supports smartwatches.

Fortunately, the cost of SIM cards plus data is limited today. With Lebara, with the kids watch, you'll consume an average of 5 euros per month for GPS location tracking including calling. Check Lebara for smart deals.

If at all possible, connect the children's watch to the Wifi, at home or where you are. Or connect it to the hotspot on your own smartphone or that of someone you're with. That's how you save money.

In our shop you order the prepaid Lebara SIM card with the purchase of the Rebel Cactus kids smartwatch. This sim card can be upgraded and is then ready for use! If you top up the sim card with 10 euros, you will receive 10 euros for free. You can choose to automatically top up the SIM card. As soon as the credit drops below a certain level, the credit is added automatically. Your child will never run out of credit and you will always be reachable. Through the MyLebara app you can super easily view the credit and top it up.

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