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The Perfect Duo: POGS Headphones and Rebel Cactus Kids Smartwatch

Hello there, adventurers and parents of the new generation! Have you ever dreamed of a magical team that's both cool, safe, and smart? Well, dream no further but keep reading!

We proudly introduce an addition to our shop: POGS Headphones! These colorful, wireless headphones aren't just stylish and fun but form the perfect duo with our GPS kids smartwatch: the Rebel Cactus GO.

The story behind the collaboration

Well, we've all been kids, haven't we? We know that it's important to learn, play, and be safe during our adventures. That's exactly why Rebel Cactus and POGS have joined forces. With a shared passion for fun, discovery, and let's be honest, a bit of silliness, we're determined to bring a smile to the face of every outdoor hero (and parent)! We're happy to explain how we do that.

A world of sound and fun

With POGS Headphones, children can enjoy an immersive listening experience while staying safely and wirelessly connected to their favorite music, stories, and podcasts via Spotify or Deezer on the Rebel Cactus GO. Whether it's an adventure in the backyard, a walk in the park, or a long car ride, POGS Headphones offer the perfect sound for every occasion.

Designed with children in mind

At Rebel Cactus and POGS, we consider comfort and durability to be mega important when it comes to products for children. That's why POGS Headphones are designed with soft, adjustable ear cushions and a durable construction that can withstand the daily lives of all outdoor heroes. Additionally, the volume is limited to protect the sensitive ears of children. Just like our Rebel Cactus GO, it's kid-proof and can take a beating! Pssstt... want to protect the smartwatch from scratches, greasy fingers, and dirt? Then check out our screen protector!

Seamless connectivity with the Rebel Cactus GO

What really makes this collaboration special is the seamless integration between POGS Headphones and our Rebel Cactus GO. With Bluetooth, kids can effortlessly connect their headphones, allowing them to wirelessly enjoy their favorite music! And with the Rebel Cactus Parent App, as a parent, you can effectively manage your adventurer's listening time, for example, ensuring it doesn't last longer than 30 minutes. Handy!

Tip! Download music via Spotify for on the go. Then the kids will never be without music when they're out and about.

Are you ready to go on an adventure with us?

Curious about POGS Headphones and Rebel Cactus GO? Check them out here in our shop!
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