The most useful privacy tips for any social medium

01 December 2021

Everyone has something they like to keep to themselves. Whether it's a secret or an embarrassing story doesn't really matter to us. However, we do think it is important to maintain your privacy.

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Our privacy policy
That's why we at Rebel Cactus do everything we can to keep your private information truly private. We therefore take the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG) all too seriously, which is reflected in our privacy policy. On our privacy page you will find all the necessary information, such as: what data we collect, how we handle it and how it benefits the user experience on the website. Moreover, we would like to put you on notice that we do not share any information with third parties for commercial purposes.

Social media for kids
How you as parents can adjust your kids' privacy settings on social media is information we at Rebel Cactus do like to share with you.
Each social media has different privacy settings that ensure your kids can do their thing undisturbed and safely. We have listed the most important settings for each medium:

The company is known to easily share personal information with third parties. To avoid this, it may be helpful to shield your profile; here's how to do it:

The same goes for Instagram. On this medium, you can set your account to private, which means not everyone can access your posts.

The most growing social media channel among kids. If you want to make sure your child does not become TikTok- famous then I would keep the account to yourself as well. Also, sharing your name or phone number as a child is completely unnecessary. Therefore, it might be helpful to take a look at the following steps:

Snapchat can give the impression that you can send anything without any consequences. There are all these days handy tricks that allow you to take screenshots without your child being able to see them. In addition, anyone can see your snaps if you don't have proper settings set. Below is how you can tell:

Once in a while, you hear some scam going around on WhatsApp with the reason of collecting all your data. I can imagine you might not feel very much like that. Fortunately, you can prevent this somewhat by thinking nicely of yourself. WhatsApp has a number of features related to your privacy, listed below:

Think of it and it is on YouTube. If you don't want your child to be able to see everything YouTube has to offer, then restricted mode might not be a crazy idea. In addition, there are other privacy settings that may be of interest:

Limited Mode

Other YouTube account settings:
If your child wants their own YouTube account to post their own videos, pay attention to these settings:

In short, your child's privacy is in your own hands, and social media has become indispensable in today's society. More and more channels and functions are being added, it is becoming more and more extensive and therefore more interesting for your child. The same goes for the Rebel Cactus smartwatch with GPS. Our smart children's watches with call function grow with the child's age and via the parent app you can expand the children's watch with apps all the time.

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