Stay connected, but play offline: Play outside with Rebel Cactus kids smartwatch on National Offline Day!

09 May 2024

Screens off, adventure on! Find out how Rebel Cactus kids smartwatch celebrates National Offline Day with online connectivity and offline fun.

Today, May 10, 2024, is National Offline Day! So, let's throw those tablets in the corner and head outside for some real adventures! But wait, does that mean we have to turn off our smartwatches? Absolutely not! Let's see how the Rebel Cactus Kids Smartwatch can help us be offline while still staying connected.

GO National Offline Day!

We're fans! Why? Because the number of children playing outside daily is steadily decreasing. Research from Jantje Beton has revealed that the number of children playing outside daily in their neighborhood has dropped from 20% to 14% since 2013. That means more than 1 million primary school children no longer breathe fresh air daily. And that alarms us.

Why go offline?

Okay, so you might be thinking: "Wait a minute, aren't you that cool brand selling GPS smartwatches for kids, with WhatsApp, Games, Spotify, and YouTube Lite? How come you support National Offline Day?" Well, we're here precisely to let kids explore the world safely! Parents have become increasingly concerned about letting kids play outside alone, so we've got the GPS smartwatch to reassure them. They're smart watches that allow kids to safely embark on adventures while parents keep an eye on them. And yes, we have cool apps on the Rebel Cactus GO, but we also encourage balancing that screen time with real playtime.

Online and offline: perfectly balanced

So yes, you can still be 'online' with our smartwatch, but we also want kids to enjoy offline life! And if you're struggling to make clear agreements with your outdoor play hero and afraid they'll use up all the data on YouTube Lite? Simple! Just turn off the app in our AppStore on the smartwatch. Oh, and you can easily turn it back on too, convenient, right?

Completely offline

But wait, there's more! For parents who want a no-nonsense approach, we have the Rebel Cactus MiNi. No distracting apps, just essential features like calling and location tracking. The perfect compromise between staying connected and experiencing offline adventures.

So, on National Offline Day, let's leave the screens aside and go on an adventure with our Rebel Cactus kids smartwatch. Discover new places, meet friends, and most importantly, have lots of fun, all while staying in touch with home. Let's GO and PLAY outside!