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Safely on summer vacation with Rebel Cactus GPS Kids Smartwatch!

Summer vacation is almost upon us and that means: time for vacation fun! But how do you make sure your kids stay safe while wandering the campsite, vacation park or resort? With Rebel Cactus GPS kids smartwatch of course!

Ah, summer vacations are almost here again and that means: time for vacation fun with the whole family! After months of waiting (with endless rain ;p), we can finally go on adventures again, whether abroad or at home. But how do you make sure your kids stay safe while they roam the campsite, vacation park or resort? And what if you take a day trip to a big city like Amsterdam or Rome? Not to worry, with the Rebel Cactus Kids Smartwatch you're always connected to your child, wherever you are!

World-wide coverage and indispensable GPS location

Whether you're walking through the streets of Prague or on the beach at Zandvoort, the Rebel Cactus Kids Smartwatch allows you to always check your kids' exact location via GPS. No more getting lost in crowded markets or amusement parks. And with global coverage, you're always just one message away from your adventurer(s).

Tip: Don't forget to check if you've specified that you want to use internet abroad. Some SIM card providers require you to indicate this. You can do this in your sim card provider's online account.

Communication without borders

Imagine: at the touch of a button you can call or even video call your child, wherever you are in the world. With WhatsApp on the smartwatch, they can quickly let you know that the pizzas are ready or that they need to bring an extra baguette from the bakery.

Clever for stay-at-home moms and dads

Not going on vacation this year and staying nice and close to home? Even then our smartwatch is a godsend! With the GPS function you send them safely on their way to the playground or let them walk to grandpa and grandma by themselves. Out for ice cream by yourself? No problem either! Just have them send a message via WhatsApp when they arrive at the supermarket.

Practical features on the go

But that's not all! In addition to the essential GPS functionality and communication capabilities, the Rebel Cactus GO smartwatch also offers handy extras:

  • Built-in flashlight: Ideal for nighttime adventures in the backyard or camping.
  • SayHi translate: Let kids effortlessly communicate with new friends, even if they don't speak each other's language.
  • Pedometer: Keep track of how many steps are taken during a day out.
  • Long battery life: Up to 32 hours of use, so you don't have to worry about a dead battery.
  • Kidsproof design: Specially designed for active kids who love to play outdoors.
  • Bluetooth connectivity: Pair with POGS headphones for entertainment during long car rides or plane trips with music or listening books via Spotify.
  • Extra protection: Stick a screen protector on the Rebel Cactus MiNi or GO for extra protection during summer adventures.

Let the summer begin!

With the Rebel Cactus Kids Smartwatch, parents can enjoy their vacation with peace of mind knowing their kids are safe and connected wherever they are. So pack your bags, get ready for new adventures and enjoy a summer full of unforgettable moments! We wish you all a fantastic vacation full of fun and discovery.

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