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Rebel Cactus kids smartwatch: Suitable for what age?

Looking for the perfect smartwatch for your little adventurer? From the rugged Rebel Cactus GO to the handy MiNi variant, we help you find the ultimate match. Let them explore freely while you keep the reins!

'For what age is the Rebel Cactus Kids Smartwatch suitable?' is a question that regularly comes up at Rebel Cactus. We completely understand - you not only want those little rascals to have fun with their smartwatch, but you also seek reassurance that it perfectly fits their age. In this blog, we take you on a playful quest to find the best kids smartwatches for your (grand)son, (grand)daughter, nephew, or niece.

Today or in 2 years?

Parents and/or caregivers generally give our GPS kids smartwatches to kids who are ready to play outside independently. But yes, the exact time when your rebel can venture outside independently depends on a colorful mix of things. Unfortunately, there's no specific age at which we say, 'Tadaa, it's time for a Rebel Cactus kids smartwatch!' So, let those little ones conquer the world at their own pace.

Rebel Cactus GO

Our Rebel Cactus GO is the absolute favorite, and for good reason. With our special Rebel Cactus parent app, you give your child the freedom they deserve while still keeping control in your hands. The Rebel Cactus GO is the only kids smartwatch with WhatsApp, Spotify, and many other cool apps for kids. If you don't find certain apps suitable for your child, no problem, easily switch them on and off with the free Rebel Cactus parent app. We recommend introducing the GO from around 5 years old, but of course, it also depends on your adventurer's wrist size.


  • The dimensions of the display are 46 mm x 38 mm and 13 mm thin.
  • Our GO fits on a small wrist from 9 cm to a large wrist of 18 cm.
  • The smartwatch weighs only 70 grams.

Looking for a smaller smartwatch? Read on about our MiNi variant!

Rebel Cactus MiNi

New in our shop, the Rebel Cactus MiNi! Specially designed for the smaller kids with narrow wrists! Like its big brother, the GO variant, you as a parent keep control in your hands. The MiNi is specially designed for the youngest ones and therefore perfect to start a little earlier. The MiNi is super user-friendly for young children and works best with the Lebara SIM card. Our MiNi is a calling watch; with GPS, calling, video calling, chatting, step counter, but has no Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.


  • The dimensions of the display are 40 mm x 32 mm and 12 mm thin.
  • Our MiNi fits on a small wrist from 9 cm to a large wrist of 18 cm.
  • The smartwatch weighs only 55 grams.

Let your little adventurer explore the world at their own pace, with a nod to technology and peace of mind for parents. At Rebel Cactus, we believe that adventures with our smartwatches begin when the kids are ready for them.

Not quite figured out which GPS smartwatch is best for your child? Feel free to check out our website. In addition, our customer service is always ready to help you with this choice!

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