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Put on the cap boots…

Put on the cap boots, because we are going outside! Autumn is a fantastic outdoor season, for the whole family with lots to discover. In this blog you will find fun activities to do with your kids during autumn. Read on!

Funniest outdoor activities for fall

  • Your hair in the wind: take a forest or beach walk
  • Search for chestnuts, leaves and beechnuts....
  • Make autumn craft creations together....
  • Go bird, animal and insect hunting
  • Pick an apple for a thirst....
  • Discover the gnome trails in the Netherlands....
  • Climb, mess and romp in Nature Playgrounds....

Boots on!

It is great during autumn to take a walk in the woods, the forest is full of color and there is plenty to discover. Go on an adventure and see together what you find in terms of beautiful chestnut leaves, mushrooms, chestnuts, beechnuts and collect everything in a big bag you have with you.
At home you can make the cutest crafts with the leaves, which you let dry, chestnuts (you can roast them in the airfryer!) and other autumn treasures you found after a walk in the woods.
If you let the kids put on clothes that can get really dirty, they can stomp in puddles, lie in the leaves or climb trees, long live freedom!

Gnome trails

Another fun activity to do with little gnomes is walking a real gnome trail.
The Forestry Commission has set up a gnome trail with gnomes from 32 forest areas for children aged 3 to 7. On the basis of assignments, you will search together for the tracks left by the real gnomes. Exciting...

For €6.50 your gnome will receive a backpack with a folding map with assignments, a gnome hat, a diploma and a sticker sheet. All materials may be taken home as a souvenir of the search. Are you out with more gnomes? Then you can buy an extra gnome hat for €1.50. View the list of all gnome trails here.

Birds, animals and insects

An educational outing in autumn is a great way to have fun while learning about the beautiful nature around us. Go exploring in the woods together, and keep track of what you find in terms of forest animals, insects and mushrooms. With this discovery set you will go into the forest prepared together.
Also learn together about the birds outside and the different bird species. Make a nice bird feeder in the garden in front of the window where you can get a good look at the birds while they are eating or drinking.

Fruit picking

Autumn is the time for picking fruits such as apples and pears. On Olmenhorst estate you may pick them yourself. Bake a delicious apple pie together at home from the picked apples!

There's something tickling my foot

Who is blowing through my hair? Hey, where's that snail's house? That ditch... jumping over it? Can I make fire with this stone? This stick I'm taking home! Take your kids on an unforgettable adventure in nature at the Nature Playgrounds of OERR.

Cozy on the couch

After all the outdoor activities, it's really time (especially for the moms and dads) to get cozy and warm on the couch at home. Enjoy your delicious apple pie and mug of hot chocolate!

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