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Privacy; What’s the Deal with Rebel Cactus GPS Kids Smartwatches?

What about all those secrets and privacy tricks on our GPS kids smartwatches? This is how we handle your privacy and personal data!

Privacy; hoe zit dat eigenlijk op de Rebel Cactus GPS kids smartwatches?

Today, January 28, 2024, we celebrate the European Day of Privacy. It's something we at Rebel Cactus want to take a moment to reflect on, especially concerning our GPS kids smartwatches! But wait, what about all those secrets and privacy magic tricks on our GPS kids smartwatches? We totally get it! There's so much whispering about this privacy stuff, and that's why in this blog, we're dedicating some extra attention to how we protect personal data and why it's so crucial. Let's dive in!

Safety is our number one priority! We want your data to feel like a pirate in a well-secured treasure chest. Here's how we do it:

Safe with the Rebel Cactus Parent App: Your data in good hands!

Registering, entering an email address, creating a password, allowing location access—where do all these details actually go?
All data from the Parent App is stored and secured on an Amazon (AWS) server in Germany. The data flow between the app and the server is encrypted, ensuring that no one, absolutely no one, can snoop into your information and personal data without permission.

And what do we actually do with all that data? Well, only good things! We use your data solely to provide you with the best experience. This way, we can show your adventurer(s) the coolest features, send you personalized updates, and ensure that your child's adventures with Rebel Cactus are extra special!


Rebel Cactus collaborates with Antagonist to protect your data within the framework of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). We do this because our servers process various personal data, such as email addresses and contact information. Additionally, Antagonist has the best tools for server management, ensuring that your data is safe and well-protected. We take security seriously, implementing strict measures and access requirements to ensure that only you have access to your personal data. All the necessary information can be found on our privacy page. Furthermore, we want to emphasize that we do not share information with external parties for commercial purposes.

Tips: What can parents do for extra protection?

  • Change your password regularly and remember it well!
  • Never disclose your account details, even if asked.
  • Keep the PUK code hidden, so store it securely.

At Rebel Cactus, we believe that privacy is an adventure we should explore together. So, if you ever have questions about how we protect your data, don't hesitate to send us a message! Together, we create a fun and safe environment for your adventurer(s).

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