NEW Listening book fairy tales on your Rebel Cactus

02 December 2019

Dream away with audiobooks on your Rebel Cactus children's smartwatch.
In addition to music, photos and movies on your smart watch, you can now listen to the most beautiful and fun fairy tales. For in the back seat in the car when you travel, or on the plane, or nice before bed. Dream away at an audiobook fairy tale.

Town Musicians of Bremen

Listening book encourages child development
Children spend a lot of time, and increasingly more, with a screen. For example, elementary school students use the television (70%), tablet (51%) and smartphone (47%) at least once a day, while the number of hours spent reading is less than an hour a day. Research shows that audiobooks have a positive impact on children. It helps them understand difficult words and sentences. Regular reading aloud also stimulates cognitive, social-emotional, physical and creative development. Audiobooks stimulate language and imagination.

Source: leesmonitor

We believe it is very important for children to further develop their language, imagination and creativity. Our cheerful audiobook fairy tales help with that.
You can download them in the shop. Have fun listening!

The Emperor's New Clothes by Hans Christian Andersen, ages 6 and up
A hilarious fairy tale about a slightly too vain emperor....

The Bremen Town Musicians by Brothers Grimm, ages 6 and up
The musical story of the donkey, dog, cat and rooster.

The Daughter of Bluebeard by Louis Couperus, ages 11 and up

And especially for English-speaking children:
Berta and Giovanni by Gionata Bernasconi, ages 5 and up, duration: 15 minutes, English version.
Berta is a giraffe and the neighbor of Giovanni the hippopotamus. Both of them consider themselves very beautiful. Until one day a hunter wants to capture the most beautiful animal for the zoo. Now they both don't want to be beautiful anymore. This leads to comic complications.