Meet our Rebel Rats! The ambassadors of the Rebel Cactus Club

29 February 2024

Do you hear that? That's the sound of adventure calling out to your child! Step into the world of the Rebel Cactus Club.

The Rebel Cactus Club is the place for kids who not only want to have fun but also want to make a meaningful impact. Just like our new club ambassadors, we are excited to introduce them to you.

What is the Rebel Cactus Club?

The Rebel Cactus Club is not just a club; it's a movement of young outdoor play heroes who love playing outside and want to contribute to the planet. Guided by the Rebel Cactus brand, we encourage children to spend more time outdoors, get active in protecting our beautiful world, and simply enjoy the outdoor life!

Who are the Rebel Rats?

The Rebel Rats are more than just kids; they are the dynamic forces behind the Rebel Cactus Club. Driven by a passion for adventure and a love for our planet, these adventurous heroes are the faces of our club!

I'm Devin! I'm almost 7 and I love going on adventures with the Rebel Rats! Otherwise, I enjoy visiting museums. As you can hear, I love discovering new things and doing fun activities.

I'm Rover and I'm 6 years old, the youngest of all the ambassadors! I love exciting adventures like camping and wandering through the woods. I'm a Rebel Rat because I love being outdoors and I want others to discover the magic of outdoor play too!

I'm Jens and I live in Central Limburg, close to nature where I enjoy climbing and exploring in the woods. When I see litter while playing, I pick it up and throw it in the trash. That's why I wanted to be a Rebel Rat because I love nature and want to help keep it clean and beautiful!

I'm Lianne! I love playing outdoors with my friends and being in nature, like hiking. When I used to play outside, my mother would always drive around the neighborhood to see where I was. I was always seeking adventure.

Floor Elise
I'm Floor Elise, I love everything I can do outside. I'm in scouting, I enjoy rollerblading, or doing scavenger hunts with my besties. The best part of scouting for me is being outdoors and the adventures we have.

What do our Rebel Rats do?

Our Rebel Rats are always in action! They organize events with us and inspire other kids to become members of our club. With their creativity and enthusiasm, they bring positive change to the world, one adventure at a time. From cleaning up beaches to organizing an outdoor play day, there's no challenge too big for our brave ambassadors!

Joining our club? Why?

Get those kids off the couch and join! We understand the question, why make your child a member? Let us list the benefits for you.

  1. Adventurous outings and tips: As a member of the Rebel Cactus Club, you get exclusive access to cool tips for outdoor adventures, hidden nature gems, and discounts on awesome adventure playgrounds, amusement parks, and zoos. No more boring days indoors!
  2. Discounts at our shop: Did you know that as a Rebel Cactus Club member, we offer exclusive discounts on items from our shop? Think accessories for your cool Rebel Cactus kids smartwatch!
  3. Become an outdoor play hero who cares for nature: As a member of the Rebel Cactus Club, your child is a true hero! We organize events like World Cleanup Day, where your child can help clean up and protect our planet. Together, we can make a big difference!

There's much more, but we'd love to tell you about it on our club page!
Pssstt... did you know that signing up is completely free?

How to join?

It's super easy to join the Rebel Cactus Club! Just gohere to our website, sign up your child, and voilà, they're ready to go on adventures. So what are you waiting for? Dress your child in their coolest outfit, grab the backpack, and join the Rebel Cactus Club. Together, we can explore the world, have adventures, and make a positive impact on our planet!

Will we see your outdoor boss soon at one of our events?