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Every Child on an Adventure: World Autism Day with the Rebel Cactus Kids Smartwatch

World Autism Day is a celebration of diversity, adventure and every child's unique path. We at Rebel Cactus GPS kids smartwatch like to celebrate this with you! Because every child deserves freedom!

For us, World Autism Day is an opportunity to celebrate that every child, regardless of their unique journey, deserves adventure and playfulness. And what better companion on this adventurous journey than the Rebel Cactus kids smartwatch? Let's explore together how this smart gadget inspires children with autism to explore the world with a sparkle of playfulness.

Safely Navigate the Unique Path

Safety is naturally a priority for parents. Letting go may be particularly challenging in this world full of stimuli and changes. Thanks to the GPS tracking feature and the secure parent app, you can confidently allow your child to explore their world. From playing in the nearby playground to biking to school or sports for the first time, you no longer have to worry.

Adventurous Routine

In a world full of stimuli and changes, the Rebel Cactus kids smartwatch provides peace in the form of routine. But this isn't just any routine; it's an adventurous journey! Kids can plan their appointments and tasks for the day with the timetable app. This way, they'll never forget an important appointment, reminder, or upcoming adventure!

Voice Messages and Video Calls

Communication can sometimes be challenging, especially when a message needs to be typed. With the Rebel Cactus GO, sending a voice message is easy, allowing your outdoor adventurer to easily share their adventures with friends and family. Moreover, they can easily send and receive messages with speech-to-text, turning quick communication on the go into an adventure in itself! Prefer (video) calling? That's also a breeze with the Rebel Cactus GO.

AppStore for Every Age

On the watch, you'll find the free educational AppStore with various apps that you can enable or disable as your child is ready or as they find them enjoyable. Like the music apps; Spotify and Deezer for the latest hits, or the Math and Time-telling app to improve further. Or does your child like counting their steps throughout the day with the Pedometer? Also, check out the latest news on the Youth News or what the weather will be like when you're out and about. Whatever you want.

Becoming More Independent Gradually

Developing self-confidence is essential for all children. Going out with the smartwatch and thus gaining more freedom outside can positively contribute to strengthening this self-confidence and making kids more independent. Bit by bit. Meanwhile, parents can send a heart through the Parent app. Your outdoor hero will receive it on the smartwatch.

Let's encourage all children to explore the world with a heart full of adventure on World Autism Day and every day thereafter.

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