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Let's take a look at children's brain development during outdoor play. Fascinating? Yes!!! Many scientists have researched this and found that playing outside makes elementary school children's brainpower stronger. You can read about how this is the case here.


  • Playing outside is experiencing new adventures. Children are challenged and have to make an effort to learn something new. There is so much to learn and discover outside. They can explore new animals, plants, weather and seasons. Outdoor play stimulates their curiosity, lets them experiment and expands their knowledge. It helps them better understand the world around them. You don't get any better outside, this is perfect for children's brain development.

  • Of course, playing outside is healthy. We all know that. But that it also promotes blood flow to the brain and stimulates cognitive (knowledge) and social skills, creativity, and dealing with emotions and desires? They can make up their own rules, invent new adventures and get totally absorbed in their fantasy world. It helps them come up with solutions and trains thinking skills. Two birds with one stone!

  • What turns out? The greener the environment the better. In nature, thoughts of brooding have no chance, while when you are in the city, moments of brooding arise more easily. It helps against stress and makes children happy. It gives them a chance to relax, release stress and get in touch with nature. And do you know what? It also helps concentrate better afterwards for a school assignment. Handy right?

In the Netherlands Jantje Beton is organizing the annual Outdoor Play Day on June 14. Check what outdoor play activities are in your neighborhood at https://jantjebeton.nl/ik-wil-spelen/de-buitenspeeldag/over-de-dag

Have fun on June 14 with lots of brainpowerrrrr!

Source: Jantje Beton, Erik Scherder

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