Adventurous outdoor fun: playful good resolutions for the whole family!

02 January 2024

Hupsakee (Dutch for let's go!), the new year has begun and it's the perfect time to make some good resolutions together as a family for 2024. But wait a minute, good resolutions? Those sound like... chores? We've come up with some super fun (yes, really) goals that even the kids will love!


Working with your children

Do you catch yourself every year losing motivation by mid-January? Then do it with your kids! Making New Year's resolutions with your kids is not only a secret formula for healthy habits, but also a magic recipe for sticking to it longer! With each other's support, we give each other that extra push. Plus, of course, kids love seeing mom or dad busy with chores! Family resolutions are not only a journey of discovery, but also a golden opportunity to grow together, laugh together and create unforgettable memories.

A pinch of outdoor adventure every day

Every day, come rain or shine, play outside together for half an hour. Rain becomes confetti, and playing outside in the rain becomes an adventure. It is not only healthy for you and your child, but also good for the body and mind. Outdoor play stimulates creativity, gives energy, and makes children more resilient and confident. It also strengthens the family bond. Together is always cozier!

Make cleanup teamwork

Cleaning up becomes a joint adventure, whether inside, outside, or on the street. Roll up your sleeves together. Whether it's toys in the living room, tidying up the garden, or clearing a patch of street of litter. To make it fun for children, you can transform cleanup into a game, such as a race against the clock. Turn on a timer and make it a competition to clean up as much street litter as possible with your child. Exciting and challenging!

Chores Rethinking

Give household chores outside a happy twist. Walking the dog turns into a fun walk, placing the wheelie bin becomes a little ritual of responsibility, and sweeping leaves or snow off the walkway becomes a fun challenge. Make a calendar of who does what together, that way it stays fun and organized!

In the woods, on the beach or in the park

Explore the outdoors monthly! Whether following animal tracks, looking for treasure in nature, or crafting with found objects, let your kids experience the magic of nature. Oerrr offers engaging outdoor activities that are not only educational, but also incredibly fun! Make nature a regular monthly destination and explore with your child. It stimulates your child's curiosity in a playful way and is also incredibly healthy!

Looking back and forward with the family

What shining moments made your family shine this past year? And those "valleys" you overcame, how did they contribute to your growth? Positive psychology teaches us that looking back and gratitude exercises are valuable. How do you transform those challenges into new highs? Call your family together and look back on the past year. Then it's time to laugh, learn and dream together about what the new year 2024 has to offer!

Tip! Try this with the help of the fun "Heights and Lows template" Download it here and get creative with your kids.