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Join us on June 12, 2024 for National Outdoor Play Day at Theo van Goghpark, Amsterdam IJburg, from 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.! Enjoy free games, workshops and adventures for everyone. Read more!

Looking for the coolest gift for kids? Look no further! Our latest blog reveals why the Rebel Cactus Kids Smartwatch is an absolute game-changer. Read more!

Screens off, adventure on! Find out how Rebel Cactus kids smartwatch celebrates National Offline Day with online connectivity and offline fun. Read more!

Why Rebel Cactus kids smartwatch? Because our Kids smartwatch is a Must-Have for today's parents, but also for adventurous outdoor play kids! But what distinguishes our smartwatch from all other GPS smartwatches? Read more!

World Autism Day is a celebration of diversity, adventure and every child's unique path. We at Rebel Cactus GPS kids smartwatch like to celebrate this with you! Because every child deserves freedom! Read more!

Woohoe! Guess what? Spring is just around the corner! And that means it's time to get outside and play, with or without parents. Read on for the best tips for spring! Read more!

Do you hear that? That's the sound of adventure calling out to your child! Step into the world of the Rebel Cactus Club. Read more!

Hello there, adventurers and parents of the new generation! Have you ever dreamed of a magical team that's both cool, safe, and smart? Well, dream no further but keep reading! Read more!

Looking for the perfect smartwatch for your little adventurer? From the rugged Rebel Cactus GO to the handy MiNi variant, we help you find the ultimate match. Let them explore freely while you keep the reins! Read more!

Privacy; hoe zit dat eigenlijk op de Rebel Cactus GPS kids smartwatches?

What about all those secrets and privacy tricks on our GPS kids smartwatches? This is how we handle your privacy and personal data! Read more!


Hupsakee (Dutch for let's go!), the new year has begun and it's the perfect time to make some good resolutions together as a family for 2024. But wait a minute, good resolutions? Those sound like... chores? We've come up with some super fun (yes, really) goals that even the kids will love! Read more!

Sinterklaas intocht Eintrag St. Nikolaus

Does your son or daughter come home from school: "Bob from my class says Sinterklaas doesn't exist at all."
Well what do you say then? Read more!

Het is herfstig buiten, er staat wind en je kind van 8 wil alleen op de fiets naar school. Het zelf doen. Hij heeft met een vriendje verderop afgesproken samen te fietsen. Hoho, niet zo snel, denk je. Wat nu? Read more!

Put on the cap boots, because we are going outside! Autumn is a fantastic outdoor season, for the whole family with lots to discover. In this blog you will find fun activities to do with your kids during autumn. Read on! Read more!

Let's take a look at children's brain development during outdoor play. Fascinating? Yes!!! Many scientists have researched this and found that playing outside makes elementary school children's brainpower stronger. You can read about how this is the case here. Read more!

Week van het Geld 2022

Children who learn how to manage money at an early age are less likely to run into financial problems later in life. Having them practice saving, planning and making choices from an early age teaches children skills that are desperately needed later in life. Read more!

Het zelfbeeld van kinderen in de digitale wereld

Everyone has their own self-image. A young child is fortunately not so concerned with this yet, but he or she does have one. As a child gets older, he or she does become more aware of it. Just imagine, one day your child comes to you and says "mommy, today someone said to me that I always ruin everything. This statement has a bigger impact on your child than you may think. Statements like this can greatly affect your child's self-image. But what if this negative self-image has dangerous consequences, such as fear of failure or social anxiety? Read more!

Praten met je kids over fake news

You can't escape it anymore, your child on social media. But suddenly he or she tells you having read on Instagram, that the fireworks ban will not apply this year. To you as a parent, a light bulb starts to come on, clearly fake news.
Consequently, the spreading of these kinds of fake news via social media is happening at lightning speed and it is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish between real and fake. But what is the danger of fake news and how do you discuss it with your child? Read more!

Rebel Blog privacy-tips

Everyone has something they like to keep to themselves. Whether it's a secret or an embarrassing story doesn't really matter to us. However, we do think it is important to maintain your privacy. Read more!

In the book Free to Learn, developmental psychologist Peter Gray argues that we must entrust children to direct their own learning and development. These children will thrive in today's constantly changing world. Read more!

Okay, we may not have been there when it all began in 1510, but it did make Rebel Cactus what it is today. Indeed, from that moment, the first step was taken toward the children's smartwatch, the first step toward the Rebel Cactus Play. Read more!

Town Musicians of Bremen

Dream away with audiobooks on your Rebel Cactus children's smartwatch.
In addition to music, photos and movies on your smart watch, you can now listen to the most beautiful and fun fairy tales. For in the back seat in the car when you travel, or on the plane, or nice before bed. Dream away at an audiobook fairy tale. Read more!

We are aware that you put your trust in us. We see it as our responsibility to protect your privacy. That's why we do everything we can to keep your private data truly private. Exactly as the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG) has now stipulated. In the Privacy Policy we let you know what data we collect when you use our website, why we collect this data and how we use it to improve your user experience. We never give your information to third parties for commercial purposes. So you understand exactly how we work.

Rebel Blog autism

Rebel Cactus children's smartwatch has all special customers! As it is the week of NVA (Dutch Autism Association) autism we tell how the bell watch can also help children who need medication or other reminders. Read more!

Rebel Blog - article Rabobank

Freedom to the children!

Rebel Blog - Angry Birds

Look, Rebel Cactus is fun, uhm FUN in the grEAt! So we have the latest, coolest, smartest and fastest games for on your bell watch. If you already have a Rebel Cactus then you know the game Fruitmania. But we have more. Especially for you there is free Angry Birds, Candy Crush, Tic Tac Toe (butter, cheese & eggs) and Jurassic Porc. Just send us an email and you will receive the games with instructions on how to upload them on your Rebel Cactus. Well, that's nice huh?

Rebel Blog - giveaway

Build your own party with Rebel Cactus bell watch and KitSound's disco speaker! Connect via bluetooth and your music pops out of the speaker. Convenient portable size for vacation, going to the beach, camping or enjoying it in your own room with your friends!

We are giving away 3!


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Rebel Blog - MKB Innovatie top 100 award

The Netherlands leads the way when it comes to innovation. We are a good example of that. Rebel Cactus is conquering the Dutch market with the cool children's smartwatch. More and more children and parents are opting for this smart solution.

Rebel Cactus bell watch is at the top of Nickelodeon's wish list! Have you seen it yet? The Nick Tip!

A new name, a new story, better products, insanely hip sleeves and cool accessories. Where's the party? Here's the party! Hang out that flag! We have renewed ourselves. And we continue to renew! Stay tuned to Rebel Cactus!

We were already available at Coolblue, Paradigit, Toys XL, Bart Smit, and SmartwatchGuys. But now we are also at Phone House in 70 stores and online! So if you want your Rebel Cactus on your wrist first to make sure you really want it, run to one of the 70 stores! Throughout the Netherlands!

Our TV campaign on Nickelodeon Rebel Cactus on air

We staan in de Telegraaf!

With our first watch we were already in the Telegraaf at the end of 2013. In the meantime, we have already moved on a lot with our new models. But the article shows that in 2013 we already recognized that the bell watch is a wonderful alternative to a cell phone for kids. Read the article on the Telegraaf here